better posture & increased flexibility

​Stretching Classes

Everyone knows stretching is good as well as necessary for any athlete and even nonathlete, but do we really practice it or do we lack discipline? We offer special classes for you in order to make sure you stretch well and incorporate it into your daily routine. We focus JUST on stretching! Our class consists of stretching your target muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and aims at improving their elasticity. Just as warming up before exercising, stretching all body parts is key for every athlete, since it is a necessary tool to prevent from and recover after injury, either individually or collectively.


Our instructors guide you to mobility which helps you move more easily, comfortably and free, not only during your exercise and sport lessons, but in your daily life, in general. We will help you flex and stretch your muscles deliberately, and thereby make them stronger. As we will offer group stretching classes, we will help you to stay more disciplined and committed, and in fact enjoy your regular stretching. Within a short period of time you can already see great results also concerning your workout.


Our stretchers make sure that you perform correctly and effectively. Also, they will pay attention to your breathing. For flexibility to increase, proper and conscious breathing is necessary. And we need that flexibility to increase the range of motion in our muscles and joints. However, becoming flexible is a process - keep going in order to maintain your muscle strength as well as flexibility that you may have already achieved.


So what can you expect from our class? Learning proper stretching and breathing techniques, developing a full and wider range of motions, flexibility, increased blood flow up to improvement of your sleep patterns. In sum: a healthier life. Are you curious or simply motivated to improve your flexibility? Say good-bye to your back and neck pain. Come join our class and prove to yourself how far you can reach, bend or turn - nothing is impossible.